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My name is Helga Schmitt and I continually strive to educate and help dog owners that there are healthier and more natural approaches to achieving and maintaining optimum health for your pet. I have studied and researched  many conditions and diseases that inflict our dogs, and can honestly say that there are many answers out there for everything, but which ones actually work is the question. Based on the fact that I have had numerous success with my  four legged furry friends, I would like to share these successes  and information with you.

We need to understand that there are so many more options available today for dealing with the illnesses our pets are getting. Many of these conditions are identical to what humans experience and are in fact the same diseases. So if the illnesses are the same and the options are available to help people, it stands to reason that dogs would reap the same benefit from those options. Having an open mind to approaches that we are not familiar with could be the difference that alleviates all the suffering without all the drugs and side effects.

From dog cancer to dog acl surgery, and from dogs with arthritis to working with hydrotherapy for dogs, all of these have penetrated my life. Dogs are hugely important to me because they fill our souls with love and laughter, warmth and life. It seems we can connect with dogs so easily, tell them our stories, laugh with them and get lost in their unconditional love. It is for this reason that I strive to find what the best treatment is with any condition they may have and all for a very selfish reason; I want them to stay in our lives a whole lot longer! I have witnessed first-hand what over-vaccination, repeated antibiotics and countless prescribed drugs can do to our beloved pets.  I won’t go there ever again and choose to follow a more natural and effective way of dealing with my dog’s health and well-being.

Dogs and health have always been a passion of mine ever since I can remember.  I am a Chartered Herbalist and hold a degree in Holistic Nutrition as well as a Certificate in Homeopathy. I am a Certified Canine Hydrotherapist from attending training in the UK at Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre. I am registered through NARCH (National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists).  I have been a volunteer with the PQSPCA for 8 years and started as a dog walker, then trainer and now do adoption follow up calls to ensure the best for the dog and the parents, and offer any guidance and support. I am forever studying and learning about new healing modalities for ourselves and our canine companions.It seems like once you start learning you just can’t stop!  What I  learned from  experience, research, my past studies and having the benefit of  Holistic Veterinarians has profoundly changed my pets’ lives as well as mine!

My amazing journey with my dogs has led me through multiple cruciate surgeries, two devastating cancers, cysts, lympomas, life-threatening staph infections, Cushing’s disease, immune mediated poly-arthritis, seizures, strokes, digestive disturbances, pica, cognitive impairment, depression, vision loss, and grief. My dogs’ have taught me  amazing insights in the way of healing, unconditional love, compassion, the bond between human and animal and how being in the moment is irreplaceable.

I hope you will join me in this quest for knowledge and discover alternative, safe, effective, and natural treatments for health for dogs. In my ebook, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs” you will discover hundreds of safe and natural methods for many dog health conditions.

“Lord help me be the person my dog thinks I am.”


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2 Responses to About

  • debra says:


    My beautiful `3 year old dog Teek was stricken two weeks ago with what I think is an idiopathic vestibular episode. It could be a brain tumor according to the vet, but without access or funds for an MRI, its impossible to say. I treated him with nux vomica for dizziness and nausea., which helped his appetite immensely and slippery elm for diarrhea and stomach upset–also really helpful. I’ve been using rescue remedy for helping to keep him calm, along with acepromizine–the only traditional medicine I’ve opted to use. I believe there is swelling in his brain, which is keeping him from being able to recover more quickly–yesterday he stood on his own and walked across the room, tho he tended to walk backwards alot. But he did not tip over, as he had been doing and he held himself steady so he IS improving.

    Do you know of remedies that would be helpful for his vestibular system and also to reduce the swelling in his brain?

    I did have a chiropractor certified to treat animals come and she gave him laser treatment two days in a row, but I cannot afford to have her come again as she charges $75.00

    I have researched and researched but not found what I need.

    There are no hydrotherapy pools for animals in the state of New Mexico where I live. I’ve been thinking about digging a hole in the ground and lining it with pool liner to create a pool that I could put him in, while keeping him harnessed,but I can’t figure out how to keep the water warm. I have also been scouring Youtube for videos on how to do rehab with him,but have not found too much. I am going to download your book immediately!!!

    If you have suggestions or links I can access with information, I will be so grateful. I am absolutely thrilled to find this book–I suspect its exactly what I have been searching so hard to find.

    Interestingly, I didn’t come across it in all the searches I did for lphysical therapy with dogs, pool therapy, etc. I found it having done a search looking to find information on treating dog headaches, as last night I felt that he was suffering from one. I think this because he was panting very, very hard but when I held ice on the left side of his head (where I think the swelling is), he calmed down a great deal….

    I have been sleeping with him and doing the very best I can 24/7 for 16 days and like I said, he IS improving and I believe he is working hard to get well….but I feel so terribly lost and without guidance. The vet here in town told me to put him down the first night this happened, not even considering that he might come out of it and improve and Teek just can’t be moved right now for me to take him to a vet in another city (or state) who might know better how to help him.

    Thanks so much for any help you can offer and for making this book available.

    My Best,
    Debra (and the wonderful Teek–short for Teekona, an Athabascan Indian word for wolf….indeed he is a survivor!)

  • helga says:

    Hi Debra,
    I am so sorry to hear of Teek’s challenges. Has your vet actually diagnosed your dog with Vestibular disease? How was it determined that there is swelling in the brain? Vestibular disease can be caused from inner ear infections, trauma to the head, strokes and even from some antibiotics and other various drugs. Has Teek been on any medications or had a fall or injury to the head or cervical region? Could he have suffered a stroke perhaps? Does he exhibit all the signs of this disease? This is usually in older dogs and I don’t know what breed Teek is but he is very young.

    If there is any way at all for you to go to a Holistic vet that is what I would be doing. It may cost a bit initially but you will get results and know all the various modalities that you can use to help him. I am not a fan of using medications if natural methods provide the same relief or solutions. I would not even entertain putting your baby to sleep! Not an option at his age. It sounds like you are doing everything in your power to help him and I am proud of you and so happy to hear this. We need to do the best we can with what we have available.

    Is Teek small enough in size to swim in your bathtub? Do you have hot tub that you can take him in with you and turn the temperature down to 28 degrees celsius? Do you have friend who has a pool? I am trying to come up with ideas. If you did put him in water, he should wear a life jacket for safety.

    Applying a cold compress to his head seems to help, just be careful about placing something really cold right next to the skin. Use a thin towel as a cover if it is a gel pak or ice. If he is getting headaches it could also be a reaction to some food he ate or a drug as well. They will pant if they are in pain, stressed, anxious, confused, scared.

    I wish you the best of luck with this and hope you arrive at some solution that has corrected the illness or condition he is suffering from. He will live up to his name! Please keep me posted to how he is doing.

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