Anxiety in Dogs

Dog Stress

Dog Anxiety can underlie many challenges

The following is an excerpt from page three in my e-book, “Solutions for Incredible Health and Longevity for Your Dog:”

“To help reduce anxiety and keep it in check, dogs need a structured and consistent routine within the family network. They need to know what’s expected of them as they look to you for cues on how to behave. If they don’t know, they can become:

  •  over-protective
  • worried 
  • over-reactive

They are masters at reading your body language, and facial expressions. That is how the species communicates with each other. They also can tune in to your mental and physical energy instantly.

Dogs need to know what is expected of them. By knowing the protocol, their confidence is increased as is their sense of security. All this leads to a well balanced and happier dog.

Our dogs need regular outlets for their energy. They need to be stimulated with toys and activities. Their intelligence and their physical energy will be used in constructive manners instead of destructive. Maintain a routine with your dog. Walk with them, play with them, train them, groom them and try Tellington Touch.

A stressed dog will generally show it in their behaviour. Signs such as the following can indicate that your dog is dealing with some stress…

You can read more on dog anxiety and dog stress in my e-book, “Solutions for Incredible Health and Longevity for Your Dog

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