Are Your Dog Paws Neglected?

Dog Paws and Their Needs

Why the Dogs Paw Needs Attention

 Our dog paws need protection from the elements and from injury just like our feet need protection. Despite them having tougher skin and a fatty cushioning for protection, they endure much wear and tear and are constantly subjected to potential injuries. In addition to this, if their nails are not kept trim, their dog feet will suffer and they could wind up with additional injuries.

When we realize that our dogs paw pads are subjected to many adversities, we will look at them a little more closely. In fact, we need to examine their dog feet everyday. By examining them we are not allowing any foreign object to become deeply embedded should there be something stuck in the webbing between their toes or in the paw pads themselves.

Dog paw injuries can happen from any of the following…

  • dryness causing cracking and roughening
  • irritations from persistent licking, chewing or gnawing from possible allergies, stress or anxiety
  • cuts or punctures from glass, nails, staples or sharp rocks
  • embedded pieces of spear grass, thorns, or burrs
  • burning or scalding from hot pavement or surfaces
  • frostbite in winter or chemical burns from de-icers and salt, which is also dangerous for them to ingest by licking their feet afterwards
  • snow or ice that clumps and lodges between their paw pads can be painful and obstruct blood flow to toes

With all of these potential threats and elements your dog’s paws are facing on a daily basis, it is very important that those paw pads are looked after. All of their body weight is placed on those 4 little dog paws and they can injure them so easily. Despite all of this, there are also other challenges they face. These can be any of the following:

  • toe nails that are not trimmed regularly can curl and grow into the dog foot pad
  • nails that are cut incorrectly can splinter or bleed
  • nails that are too long can catch and tear off
  • a dog with an injured limb or muscle contracture that suspends the limb, needs proper foot care or the dogs paws will become dried up, severely cracked and the hair growing long between the toes
  • dogs in carts or wheelchairs with hind limbs that are compromised need their dog feet inspected daily for any dog paw injuries from knuckling or chaffing or abrasions
  • any cuts on dog foot pads needs to be kept clean and dry, free of dirt to prevent infections

Our dogs feet can be protected with a variety of methods today. We can buy boots designed for them for all types of weather and terrain. There are ones designed for winter weather, some for swimming or hydrotherapy to prevent slipping on docks and pools, and some that deal with the scorching heat of the pavement. By introducing these gradually to our dog, they will accept them and probably thank you afterwards!

If footwear for dogs paws is not the answer, we can use paw wax (Musher’s Secret)which acts like a protective barrier on the dogs feet. Only apply this if there is no open bleeding or oozing wounds or abrasions. Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for DogsThis product is made from several food grade waxes and is non-toxic and safe. It will not harm your floors or carpets. Rub this on the dog paw pads and in between their toes. It provides protection in winter and in summer and is applied about once a week.

Our dog’s health care is important from the tips of their toes to the end of their nose and down to the tail end! In my e-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs” I offer numerous ways to keep our pets in top form. Looking after their feet is only one part of great overall health.

canine health regime needs to include looking after their dog paws by not just protecting them from the elements, but by possible chiropractic adjustments to their digits as well. One of my dogs repeatedly put her toes out of alignment and just by an adustment she was happier than you could imagine.

Other foot care for dog paws includes massage and rubbing them with a foot balm to moisturize and soothe the pads. Everyone knows how great a foot massage feels, and believe me, your dog would welcome the chance if it was given. Some dogs might be finicky with having their feet touched, and that comes down to early socialization when they are very young. They are however, never too old to accept gentle foot care when introduced properly.

Make it a routine to check out your dog’s feet, they really are wonderful to feel, observe, hug and hold!

What do you do for your dogs paw pads? Share your comments below!




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