Tumors in Dogs

Discover Powerful Results for Treating Tumors in Dogs

Lumps and bumps that occur on our dogs is always a concern, be it fatty ones or not. Most soft, benign fatty tumors do not pose a threat to our dogs despite how unsightly they can become. Removing them is not advised unless they are impeding your dog’s movement or obstructing their elimination process.

Lipomas are viewed by many conventional veterinarians as something that just happens like other diseases. Some attribute it to improper fat metabolism from an unnatural commercial diet. It is believed by them that the dog has a digestion that has run askew.

Holistic veterinarians believe that lipomas in dogs are the sign of a bigger problem brewing beneath the surface. It is the result of a depressed immune system and an awry metabolic function that is leading into greater health issues. It is the expression of a weakened body that needs to be dealt with in some fashion beyond diet alone. The dog’s vital force has become weakened or blocked and change cannot happen in a day.

Many dogs that are affected from prior vaccinations have warts, skin tags, fatty tumors and lipomas. Surgery only deals with the situation on the outside and can actually stimulate the vital force into even greater and faster activity. For this reason surgery is not a preferred method in dealing with them, despite being benign.

One homeopathic remedy used for treating adverse reactions to vaccinations is Thuja. This is also effective in treating lipomas, which is a type of tumor, but may not be the total cure all. In my e-book , my chapter on Holistic dog care  talks about numerous holistic remedies for very common conditions. In my chapter on Cancer, I go into great detail about various treatments I have used and what can truly help your pet.Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

In Chinese medicine lipomas are referred to as dampness or phlegm that has stagnated in a certain area. This is generally caused by an improper diet which is creating issues in the gastrointestinal tract. From a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective they would be treating the Spleen and Stomach meridian. The channel needs to be freed up allowing for proper flow and movement of chi.

Acupuncture is great for restoring the movement of chi and is a gentle and safe method of treatment. A Chinese herb which has also been useful for clearing up masses is Chi-Ko/Curcuma. Digestive enzymes containing ox bile are also helpful in emulsifying fats.

Chinese medicine believes that anything out of the usual is indicative of some type of imbalance. While most lipomas are not life threatening, something is out of balance in your dog’s body and we need to find out what that is and correct it.


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