Pet Loss

Pet Loss and How to Cope

Understanding What to Expect

Everyone faces a loss of pet somewhere in their lifetime if they are pet owners. It is never easy and it is never something we look forward to dealing with. Losing our pet dog can be overwhelmingly painful and has been categorized as being the same as losing a child. All the emotions are the same and the grieving process is identical.

Pet loss hurts real bad. There is no other way to say it. When we lose our loving furry companion friend, we lose a part of our hearts with them. Forever. I have had well intentioned friends tell me to be prepared, even though your dog is the central part of your world, be ready, the day will come. Be ready… being ready is accepting the truth. Sorry, I’d rather sit in my Pollyanna’s world, live in the moment and think that we have forever together!

So here is a fraction of my story to hopefully help you. Continue reading