Dog Health – Eight Simple Steps for a Healthy Dog

It is So Simple – Just Follow these Eight Steps

We have a dog that we love with our entire being. There isn’t anything that we don’t possess in our body and mind that can deny that fact. We will do whatever it takes to the end of the earth to make sure they are healthy and happy to their very last day. Yet despite our hardest efforts, our beloved companion is not a healthy dog.

You feed them a high quality food, give them a walk every day and get their regular check-ups at the vet and vaccinate regularly. What could be wrong? They are loved, you give great attention to your healthy dog because that is what you want; a healthy dog! How come they have dog health issues when you are looking after them so well?

One of the simplest tasks to do is to make a check list of everything you do for your dog. When you have created this list look for where holes could be to their well-being. By that I am referring to cracks in the overall picture where things could be better or modified. That can pertain to diet, grooming, exercise, socializing, stimulation, training, and many more. The following is a guideline you can check your dog care up against to see if something can be improved upon.

  • Firstly, is your dog eating a healthy dog diet? What is their food made of and does it contain all the nutrients, live enzymes and vitamins, fiber and protein that they need? Many foods on the market are loaded with corn, wheat, fillers and meat by-products. Check the list of ingredients in the order in which they appear, and that is the content by volume in the food package. Remember, we are what we eat. Some pet owners feel true dog health is achieved by feeding a raw based diet while others choose to cook for their dogs. There are also many varieties of holistic kibble available for those who prefer feeding that type of food. Many allergies and dog health problems are directly related to what they are being fed. If for some strange reason the quality of the air in your home is lesser than and you are suspicious of a gas line leak, it may be coming from your dog.
  • Secondly, is your dog getting adequate exercise everyday? This is such a huge factor in the role of dog health. Many pets are not getting rid of pent up energy and they then become terrorists in your own home. If suddenly your socks have holes in them and the toilet paper role has gone mad through your house, chances are someone is needing more stimulation! Most dogs need to run for at least 20 minutes twice a day to burn off some energy. There are many ways to exercise for a healthy dog, from swimming, walking, playing ball or Frisbee, or walking on a treadmill.
  •  Thirdly, are you grooming your dog regularly? Some dogs require this regularly and need to go to the professional groomers every month. For most dogs however, a good brushing is welcomed every week. By brushing them you are stimulating their blood flow while removing dead cells and distributing their natural oils through their coat. Dogs don’t need to be bathed all the time. I tend to brush my dog as often as I can because it helps with the shedding and circulation. Also, if your dog get fleas, brushing them helps rid them of fleas and and it helps to locate any unusual lumps or bumps. For proper dog care and for your dog health protocol, dog’s that get groomed regularly usually don’t have stinky odors, bald spots and mats. If something was running around your home lately that looked and smelled like that, did they come when you called them? If so, it may be time to seriously brush your dog!
  • Fourthly, has your dog got a great set of pearly whites? If not, there is something missing. If your dog is getting raw marrow bones to chew on or some dental chew bone, they probably have no tartar buildup and have fresh breath along with a great set of pearly whites. If you are not giving your dog these things, you need to brush their teeth with a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste that tastes like liver or something else they love. There are so many dental products on the market today just for dog care, check out what would work best for you and your beloved canine. If their breath starts to knock you out or they are getting plaque and redness in the gumline, it is time for a dog dental check up. To have a healthy dog you need healthy teeth. A dog’s mouth can affect their entire health.
  • Fifthly, when was the last time you took your healthy dog to the veterinarian? Probably a long time ago if they were healthy! Well just like us people, they need to be checked over annually. If we fail to do this, we could miss out on preventing an illness like cancer before it gets a real strong foothold. Health for a dog begins with regular check ups just like we need. It is a small price to pay to ensure all is okay before something gets out of control and  is even more challenging to deal with. Vaccinations are another entire chapter. From my own personal experience, puppy vaccinations are done and then after that only titer tests are needed to ensure an adequate antibody resistance to the disease. I have had many dog health issues with over-vaccinations and never have dealt with a parvo or rabies incident from non-vaccinations. In most countries it is suggested to give the updated rabies. Remember, it is your dog, it is your choice.
  • Sixthly, socializing your dog is very important for their world and how they will manage in the grand scheme of their picture.  Right from when they are little babies they need a huge amount of stimulation and exposure  to many sights and sounds, tastes and smells and touch, all in a safe fashion. This can create a healthy dog that is well balanced or an unhealthy one who is riddled with unwarranted fears if they are not socialized. Whenever you adopt your dog into your world, socialization principles can be appliedand your dog will become a happy, healthy dog and trustworthy companion. If your blood pressure and adrenaline rises to the ceiling every time you pass another dog on the street with your little guy, and you can bearly hold onto the leash with them bouncing off the ground, take a big breath and look into some behaviour management programs for your dog. It is usually us that needs the training!
  • Seventh, has your dog had any training in a puppy class or obedience school? All dogs are eager to please and learn exceptionally well. Some will be more attentive than others but usually all they want to do is please you. As a dog ages they may only respond to hand signals from a hearing deficit, so training them early on is a good thing. If you are in competition work or have a working breed, you need a highly motivated dog to score well. All of this is about teamwork. You and your dog need to work together as a team for creating a picture of dog health that is totally well rounded. You call your dog once, twice, three times now it’s ten times and they just might have heard your voice in the distance or they might have not, depending on their mindset! It is definitely time for some training. By doing this you are establishing yourself as their benevolent leader and they will look up to you with the utmost respect. They already love you to the end of the earth now win their following by having them listen when you call.
  • Eighth, tip for dog care for the dog health that goes ripe into old age! The bond between you and them. Do you take special time out every day to just be with your dog? This is so important. Everyday we need to just spend some time with our dog and be together doing nothing. We can play if we want to, cuddle, talk to them, just look at them, hold them, be there with them uninterrupted. That bonding moment is so extraordinary it can be magical. If we sit still with them long enough we can actually hear what they are telling us. How beautiful and sacred is that?! If our overall dog care involved this moment regularly, our beloved canines might live far longer. I see my girl now, overjoyed at all the extra belly rubs and pressing her muzzle into my face with sheer love just like a million times before! Relish in the special moments between just you and them. They are here for such a short time and we need to make it ever so worth it!

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  • For much more on all the health care we can provide for our dog care check out my e-book, ” The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs.” There is a huge amount of information on various healing modalities we can utilize. Chapter 2 talks all about the many types of treatments that are available and what they are for. Chapter 3 talks about all the cancers and how we can prevent them and potentially halt their progression and regain the health of our dogs. In Chapter 5 we discuss arthritis and how it can be helped. All the different modalities and what they offer are explained. We need to help our dog become a healthy dog and live far longer and far happier. I know it sounds greedy but I love all dogs and they need to live longer!


Is your dog a healthy dog? Share your comments and information below.

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