Dog Licking – Why Dogs Lick

Dog Licking – What is it all About?

I Call it Kissing, Some Call it Other Things!

Dogs licking your face, your hands, your feet, and anywhere else they find is irrisistable to taste with their tongue! Some don’t mind it and some find it repulsive! Look on the alternative and postive side to it, we could get away without a shower or bath the way some of these dogs lick!

There is more than one reason why dogs lick. Firstly, you should know that a dog’s saliva has healing properties in it and it has been said that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a humans. Now I know some of you may disagree with that fact but if you look up the research, you may be very surprised! Personally, just knowing that fact gives me a sense of comfort whenever a dog licking episode occurs and in the back of your mind you are going gross, yuck, enough!

Carmin Bonding


So do you have a licking dog? Dog licks have many special meanings. Here are just a few:
  • dogs licking your face means that they are showing affection and / or accepting you as higher in the pecking order of their ranks
  • dogs licking your arms or legs is possibly because they like your body lotion, or the salt off your skin, or they maybe think it is time for a bath (just kidding on the last one)
  • dogs licking your feet is interesting. They probably like the scents you’ve come across and want to relish in every aspect of them including their taste. Some licking dogs follow what they learnt as a puppy, from licking the mothers muzzle in subordination or for her to provide food through regurgitation. Dogs licking feet can also be subordination.
  • a dog licking the air can be doing this out of nervous energy or to alleviate stress
  • anxiety in a dog can lead to a licking dog

I used to have a Rottweiler who ran to the door to greet every guest, and dropped to her chest, rear in air, and started licking their feet profusedly. It was cultural to her and she never missed a beat! I found it hilarious and many guests could not believe it. I questioned where her roots came from. I never taught her this.

For the most part, a dog licking its human guardian is a beautiful and wonderful thing. I personally feel there is nothing yucky about it, find it very affectionate and would rather encounter a licker than a biter any day! For the most part it is a sign of mutual respect, love and bonding. When a dog licks themselves it is usually for hygiene reasons. When the dog licks you more and more you better check out your scent or hygiene!

Dogs lick areas where they detect cancer or illness. It is well recorded that dogs lick diseased areas and have a way of detecting them because their senses are so in tune. Check out lots of tips and information on dogs licking and when it becomes a health concern in my e-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs.” Dogs licking can be for many reasons, these are only a few. 

Have you been licked? Share your dog licking experience with us below, we love those stories!


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