Dog Symptoms

 Dogs and Symptoms of Illness

There are many illnesses that our dogs get and they all have a variety of symptoms. When a dog is sick, we usually know by how they are behaving, looking or eating and defecating. Symptoms can range from bad breath, shaking, vomiting, head tilting to other signs such as excessive thirst, diarrhea and weight loss.

Symptoms like stool with blood in it can be an intestinal blockage. Urinary tract infections can lead to blood tinged urine, and kidney disease or diabetes can explain their increase in fluid consumption. Cushing’s disease can lead to pale gums and neurological disorders can lead to a loss of appetite.

If we watch our dogs closely we will notice symptoms of illness or disease. Some of the signs can be ever so subtle and only a keen eye and really knowing your dog will determine that something is wrong. Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

Food allergies can lead to a host of symptoms indicating that something is wrong with our pet. Itchy skin, excessive odour, bumps, scaling, ear infections or vomiting all can be from a food allergy. The best thing to do is an elimination diet to sort out what the offending agent is.

There is so much more to talk about on symptoms that dogs have with different illnesses or diseases and I will be posting more in the days to come. We need to be aware of our dogs and watch them if they are behaving in an unusual fashion. Many symptoms are explained in my e-book “The Ultimate Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs.” This guide explains various symptoms of diseases and how to help your beloved pet  rehabilitate from them as quickly as possible.

It is very important that should our dog become sick or start showing signs of something potentially being wrong, that we see our veterinarian for a proper diagnosis. If we fail to do this we are putting our companion at risk for some illness that could be life threatening. Symptoms in dogs tell us that something is not right underneath. The sooner we discover it the better their chances are for recovery.

What dog symptoms have you noticed that were ill health coming on? Share your comments below!



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