Hydrotherapy Dog Story

This is one of the most amazing stories I want to talk about! I have witnessed two dogs, one in particular, that went from barely being able to walk for any amount of time, to practically running around in circles and walking with minimal difficulty! This is so incredible given the dog’s health condition and circumstances.

I created a video of this dog in my hydrotherapy for dogs section on this website. It is listed under neurological conditions, and is the beginning of Norman’s canine rehabilitation program. I am working on releasing the new video as a follow up to the first one so people can truly see what happens when hydrotherapy for dogs is a consistent regime, and used as a form of therapy.

Some incredible points with this dog:

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  • the dog has been utilizing hydrotherapy for one year
  • the last three months Norman has been swimming more often and regular
  • their has been a reduction in his weight
  • his diet has been totally changed from a dry kibble to a raw/steamed diet

I am so glad to have witnessed this dog going from a crippled state to a very mobile and happy state. This dog was difficult to keep out of the pool! His breathing difficulties improved from the weight loss, so now he could wear a lifejacket and be very independent. He is confident and smiling, hugely energetic and a joy to see!

Wow! You need to check out his video on my site and for lots of information on how you can help your dog, my e-book “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs,” is worth checking out. I talk about all sorts of methods and regimes you can use to help your dog without it costing an arm and a leg! The video is coming…

Have a great hydrotherapy story? Share your comments below!


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2 Responses to Hydrotherapy Dog Story

  • Sandra says:

    I watched your movie about Cyrus and it touched my heart! What an amazing journey in hydrotherapy you got to experience! You provide so much new and interesting information on your site. I just bought your Rehab book and it is awesome! Thank you I will come back often and look forward to sharing!

  • helga says:

    Glad you liked the video and story Sandra! It was a most heartwarming experience for all of us involved in this dog’s recovery. Very rewarding!

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