Hydrotherapy for Dogs

I can’t help but talk about how hydrotherapy does such amazingly wonderful things for our pets! This has got to be one of the greatest alternative treatments for dogs!

Hydrotherapy for dogs is helping canines with so many different health issues, I am surprised that the industry hasn’t thought of it sooner. I have helped countless dogs in the pool with a variety of different disorders. It is most rewarding helping  and seeing a dog recover fully after doing sessions with you in the pool. What a sense of accomplishment. The trust you build with them and  the connection goes beyond words.

I have dealt with the following:

Hydrotherapy in a pool lets you really connect with the dog. They put their total trust into you when you help them in that environment. Knowing just how vulnerable they are when you take them in the water, and how their whole well-being relies on you, is incredible. Canine hydrotherapy has made a world of difference to so many dogs’ lives and their guardians. I am very dedicated to hydrotherapy for dogs and discuss all the possibilities with it in my ebook, “The Ultimate Rehabilition & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs.”

Swimming in a pool is not just swimming in circles or chasing floatation toys. There is a whole array of hydrotherapy exercises and procedures that need to be performed on an individual level as per the patient. Each patient receives an individual program suited to their specific needs, working closely with their treating veterinarian.Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

I encourage you to explore the possibilities of dog hydrotherapy with one of your canine friends and see what wonderous experience you may have…


Doing hydrotherapy with your dog? Share your experience below!

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2 Responses to Hydrotherapy for Dogs

  • Barb says:

    You offer lots of information on hydrotherapy that I never knew about before. I really look forward to your next post.

  • helga says:

    Thanks Barb, hydrotherapy is a wonderful form of treatment and has been used for centuries.

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