Polyradiculoneuritis and Canine Hydrotherapy 

This is my story about how I recovered fully from Polyradiculoneuritis (coon hound paralysis), and the people who saw me through it all. I went from being a vibrant and healthy active dog in my prime to being totally paralyized from the neck down in less than a week. It happened so fast even my mom did not know what happened to me and we were all very scared! Watch my movie and see how I made a miraculous recovery in far less time than normal and you will be moved to tears. I am eternally grateful to all who helped me…Cyrus



Hydrotherapy is an amazing choice of treatment for so many crippling diseases including old age. By embracing the wonders of water we can reduce or remove the limitations that have fallen upon us. As it is with people, so it is also with our pets.Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

Hydrotherapy for dogs is explained in Chapter one of my E-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs.” I will never stop talking about all the good hydrotherapy does for our dogs, and cats believe it or not, but my focus is on dogs. For anyone who tries this modality on their dog, they will be astounded at the results. For so many different ailments, hydrotherapy is a wonderful therapy for dogs!

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