Neurological Conditions

Hydrotherapy for Neurological Conditions

Here is an example of another Hydrotherapy session with Norman and Lucy who are two adoring Pugs with neurological disorders. They both suffer from neurological mobility issues in their rear ends. Hydrotherapy has helped them regain a huge amount of functioning that they would otherwise be without. They went from not being able  to walk very well to being able to run in the park for a few days after a hydrotherapy session at Cam K9 Pool. See for yourself how much this has helped them in their life…



There will be a follow up to these two amazing dogs and how much they have returned to the epitome of health given all their circumstances. Hydrotherapy for neurological conditions is a blessing!

Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

I can’t say enough about the good hydrotherapy does for dogs! In my E-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs,” I explain even more about it. I talk about how the program I put my dogs on had them recover amazingly well. There is nothing quite like a dog with a super smile from ear to ear when they are all better again and able to run  around like before! The journey is also incredible to partake in.

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