Paralysis and Hydrotherapy

Paralysis and Hydrotherapy

Here is a wonderful story about a dog that never gave up and a hydrotherapy team who never quit on him. It’s about his mom who stood by him and a veterinarian who believed in him. This is about Cyrus who is nothing short of a miracle and all those who fell in love with him. This is about a recovery from total paralysis from a racoon scratch. Enjoy this story and be amazed at how much hydrotherapy can actually help our pets!



This dog has touched the hearts of many and it cannot be emphasized enough how wonderful hydrotherapy is for conditions that appear to be hopeless. All the hope and faith in  the world is restored when we watch how they are transformed back to a fully functioning companion. We need to embrace all we can offer them in the way of hope, love and patience. Accept what is an impossibility but keep our minds and options open to what just may be their return home!

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This has got to be one of the most touching stories I got to be a part of. To witness the remarkable recovery of this dog’s journey is beyond words! In my E-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs,” I talk about how my own dogs made a fantastic recovery using hydrotherapy. I go into detail in Chapter one about what regime I followed and how they became totally functioning and running  around like before they were injured. Hydrotherapy is worth thinking about!

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