Older Dog Advice

 Listen to What They are Saying

Your Older Dog and You

Acknowledge the deep spiritual connection you have with your dog. Look for ways to strengthen and deepen those connections. Our pets and all animals feel the same emotions of pain, fear, love and sadness that we feel. When we are aware we are more in tune and connected to them. These levels of communication with them we can all share.

Older dogs are very wise and connected to their caregivers. They may have health issues unfolding and need extra care, but they are very tuned in to their guardians. If we allow ourselves to slow down and be in a calmer state of mind, we are more receptive to live in the present moment. This lends itself to greater feelings of peacefulness and contentment, creating a more harmonious inner core and place from which to care for our older dog.

Many old dogs communicate to us and we are so busy in our day to day life we forget to listen to them and truly hear what they are trying to say.

Here is some advice once given to me by a kindred spirit:

  • stay in the moment with your older dog, rather than worry about tomorrow or yesterday
  • you can always go back to work but the moment with your friend may pass you by
  • imagine what your senior dog is thinking in his / her head at any given time
  • what is your older dog feeling in their body right now
  • when your old dog gazes out into the horizon, what is it they are seeing
  • when your old dogs sniff the air to decifer the smells, what are you smelling at that time

Feel how your senior dog is appreciating the moment and  bringing enormous joy into your life. All those simple moments we take for granted can be a chance to create an even closer emotional bond to your old dog. Leave your mental and physical baggage behind and just sit and reflect with your dog. By leaving your world and entering into theirs you are experiencing life from a totally new perspective.

Switching positions with another is really the best way to understand them and be more sensitive to their needs. When you truly connect to animals you will be amazed at how much you will learn. You will relate to your older dogs so much better and be able to offer them the listening they want from you. They will pick up on your moods and you will pick up on theirs. It becomes a circle of unconditional love and understanding. This deeper relationship you have developed with your senior dog is priceless.

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Be aware of what your older dog is saying to you. The more aware you are the easier it is to hear what they are saying. Be receptive to your older dog, come from a loving and compassionate place. Your body language and emotions will emit these energies and your aging dog will pick up on the vibrations. You will then discover how much more your older dog is willing  to talk to you.

Have you listened to your older dog today? Share your comments and information below!

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