Older Dog Alerts

There are many signs that we need to be aware of when it come to our older dog aging and them changing their behavior. We get used to the everyday routines and may not notice the subtle changes that are taking place with our companion friend. We need to be aware of all of the littlest of changes to know when something is brewing underneath.

My dogs were showing signs of cognitive dysfunction and I immediately recognized it and addressed it with my holistic veterinarian. We ran the usual geriatric tests and determined that yes, there was something not totally normal in my girl’s body and so some precautions were taken. It can be frustrating at times because you begin to worry about your beloved dog and how their health is.

Senior dogs will have health issues of some sort and it is up to us as their caretakers to look after them. They have given their entire lives and dedicated themselves totally to looking after us, spilling out their love unconditionally, and laying their lives on the line if need be. Aging dogs are here to teach us lessons in life.

We need to be aware if we notice anything wrong with our dog. There could be many changes that have a gradual, slow onset. Our veterinarian may not notice them because they are so slow and gradual in their appearance and we only go them once in a while. In my e-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs,” I talk at length about all the possibilities that are available to us and are economically affordable. Health care does not have to cost us a fortune. Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

A good thing to do is to keep a log of your dog’s daily regime. Whether it is after acl surgery or some other surgical procedure, a log keeps a record and it is invaluable! Our aging dogs are depending on us and we are their sole caregivers. Nothing should comprimise your dog health care in this stage of their life… 


Has your dog been showing aging signs? Share your comments below!

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