Older Dog Mobility Issues

Old dogs may have trouble getting around

Different walking aids and carts have liberated the lives of many old dogs

One day your dog will be old and possibly grey like the rest of us or heaven forbid, bald! Somehow bald looks better on people than it does on our dogs. With the exception of the hairless breeds of course. Whatever the situation, as dogs age they may become mobility challenged. The great news is that there are so many different tools available to help them function and get around, giving them the freedom of mobility and a return of their dignity.

In past years an older dog would have been put to sleep if it started to experience difficulty getting around. Today they are fitted with dog carts or dog wheelchairs and there are slings for helping the rear end. There are a number of companies who manufacture these products and custom fit them to your older dog. Some of these wonderful inventions can help avoid costly vet bills and I’ll explain how.

 When our dogs have difficulty getting up from laying down and climbing stairs or even just walking, they are compromising their entire body. Other areas of their spine and limbs are taking on the extra load that the particular part of their body just can’t carry anymore. This puts a lot of wear and tear on joints and stress on the supporting ligaments, tendons and soft tissues. This can potentially put their backs or limbs out of alignment, thus requiring the inevitable chiropractic adjustment on an ongoing basis. We don’t need to become a regular at the vet office!

If our older dog can’t walk very well and is dragging their paws, that can add up to more trips to the vet because of possible toes or foot pads getting abrasions which can lead to infections. Not only does this all potentially increase your vet bill, but guess what, you may end up at the clinic yourself for back adjustments! Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

In my e-book “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs” I talk about all the ways you can save on these vet bills when our beloved companions have debilitating dog health issues in their later years.

How many of us have struggled in attempting to lift our 100 pound dog into vehicles or up stairs, up from their bed, or if they have slipped and fallen? Well they might have to get treatment but so will you if you do this often enough. You could injure your back and have to deal with strained ligaments, muscles or chiropractic adjustments. Not a very pretty picture here!

Dog carts for old dogs with mobility issues can actually help to  encourage them to walk independently again if it is a temporary setback. Some older dogs need surgery and then find it difficult to get up the get go again. In these situations the dog carts actually help retrain their brain and have them walking on their own again. I saw miraculous improvement in a older dog that had a stroke and could not utilize their rear end. This gave him a whole new lease on life and he lived it to the fullest!

So if your’e wondering if one of your old dogs could use some support on the rear limbs, walking, or front limbs, check out all that is available on the market. We have so many more options today to help our senior dogs. Don’t wind up crippled from trying to help without the right means. Don’t have your best friend wind up missing out on their golden years with you!

Has your dog got mobility struggles? Share your comments and insights below.


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