Raw Bones with Dog Food


 Can Raw Bones be Given with all Dog Foods?

This question has many dog owners puzzled. Let’s shed some light on the answer.

Most people who feed their dogs raw dog food also give their dogs raw bones. People who feed kibble wonder if it is okay to give their dog raw bones with this type of dog food. There is no right or wrong to this, it all comes down to what are you comfortable feeding your dog and is it in the best interest for their health.

Countless people who feed a raw dog food diet swear by the incredible benefits. Their coats are shinier, their eyes are brighter and not goopy, their teeth are whiter and cleaner and not riddled with brown tartar, they have leaner bodies with more muscle and less fat deposits, and listless dogs become more energetic while hyped up dogs are calmer and more content. And that’s only just the beginning!

Whether you feed your canine dog food from a can or a bag, it is perfectly okay to give them fresh raw bones. In fact, by providing them with raw bones is actually doing them a huge favour in more than one way.

Dogs who eat processed foods such as kibble or fully cooked home meals, need the live enzymes from the raw bones to aid with their digestion or should I say possible indigestion! If your dog is fed kibble, feed raw bones a few hours afterwards to prevent any flatulence or stomach upset. Raw fed dogs get the live enzymes in their food but still enjoy the bones. There are different types of bones we can give them and we should always monitor our dogs so they never choke from the small pieces they may chew off. Very rarely do they break a tooth.

  • raw meaty bones are consumed totally as they are 50% meat
  • raw knuckle bones are for recreation and keeping teeth clean
  • raw marrow bones are nutritional and the bone is usually not consumed
  • raw fed dog food can consist of many bones from: chicken necks and backs, turkey necks, pork necks, and canned fish with the bones in such as salmon, sardines or mackerel (in water of course) Never feed raw salmon or trout.

In my e-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for DogsDownload the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for DogsI talk about the different types of dog food I fed my dogs over the years and the reasons for it. I explain how I modified their diet to prevent arthritis and numerous other symptoms in dogs that all pointed to health issues. Having  to deal with numerous dog health conditions I supplemented with various vitamins, herbs and chondroprotectants. Raw bones are a bonus and a definite plus!

So which dog food is okay with raw bones? If you give your dog raw bones with any diet it provides many benefits for them and for you. Your vet bills for dental work will be virtually gone, the dogs jaws will stay strong and exercised, they can alleviate any frustration by chewing, they will stay out of mischief and they are doing what is natural! Wow, on top of all this it will help to stimulate bowel movements! Now that is worth thinking about if you have a constipated dog. Oh, and I also must mention that their stools will be firmer and not as smelly!

Do you give your dog raw bones? Share your comments below!



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