aging dogs

Older Dog Mobility Issues

Old dogs may have trouble getting around

Different walking aids and carts have liberated the lives of many old dogs

One day your dog will be old and possibly grey like the rest of us or heaven forbid, bald! Somehow bald looks better on people than it does on our dogs. With the exception of the hairless breeds of course. Whatever the situation, as dogs age they may become mobility challenged. The great news is that there are so many different tools available to help them function and get around, giving them the freedom of mobility and a return of their dignity.

In past years an older dog would have been put to sleep if it started to experience difficulty getting around. Today they are fitted with dog carts or dog wheelchairs and there are slings for helping the rear end. There are a number of companies who manufacture these products and custom fit them to your older dog. Some of these wonderful inventions can help avoid costly vet bills and I’ll explain how. Continue reading

Older Dog Alerts

There are many signs that we need to be aware of when it come to our older dog aging and them changing their behavior. We get used to the everyday routines and may not notice the subtle changes that are taking place with our companion friend. We need to be aware of all of the littlest of changes to know when something is brewing underneath.

My dogs were showing signs of cognitive dysfunction and I immediately recognized it and addressed it with my holistic veterinarian. We ran the usual geriatric tests and determined that yes, there was something not totally normal in my girl’s body and so some precautions were taken. It can be frustrating at times because you begin to worry about your beloved dog and how their health is.

Senior dogs will have health issues of some sort and it is up to us as their caretakers to look after them. They have given their entire lives and dedicated themselves totally to looking after us, spilling out their love unconditionally, and laying their lives on the line if need be. Aging dogs are here to teach us lessons in life. Continue reading

Vital Signs

So many of us don’t know what the baseline is for vital signs for our dogs.  The last time you want to discover this is when you are having an emergency and your vet asks what is their temperature reading? Believe me, knowing what the  temperature is for normal dogs pales in comparison to knowing that you now have to place a thermometer up your friends butt! Hoping your canine buddy will allow you to do this, it is not the way you want to find out in the last minute! In an emergency it is critical!

I ran across a time when I had to do this and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when you have a dog who will let you do anything with them because they were very well conditioned as a puppy, and trust you to the end of  the earth, until now! Not only do you have to keep your state of calm, relaxed and in charge mindset, you are panicking inside at the possibility of your dog running away through the house with a thermometer hanging from their bum!

It is very important to practice taking your dog’s temperature when they are a baby. One of the few things most of us don’t do. Older dogs may need to have their vital signs checked regularly and I cannot stress the importance of this enough! If there is an emergency, the more you know the better it is for all involved. Continue reading