canine arthritis

Older Dogs

Let’s face it folks, we all will have our loving companion getting older and unfortunately, they don’t live as long as we do. While they are here, we need to give them the best possible life ever, overflowing with all of the unconditional love they pour onto us.

Older dogs face an array of difficulties just like people do when they age. It can be very sad watching our once active dog romping around chasing butterflies and them now letting the same butterfly land on their nose and not even caring! What can we do to help?

There are many things we can do to help the aging pet get through their days with much more ease, and less pain from any dog arthritis or other debilitating disease. Very simple and yet helpful tips are: Continue reading

Diet and Arthritis

It is known that a dog performing high intensity or endurance exercise requires a higher calorie food intake than a dog which is sedentary. Fat in their diet will provide more than twice the calories than  protein or carbohydrate provide. Therefore, increasing the fat content in a dog’s diet will ultimately provide far more calories. This type of diet will actually promote obesity in more sedentary dogs.

It is when we start feeding our dogs a high calorie diet and they are not burning it off that obesity becomes an issue. Arthritis in dogs is more common in an overweight pet than in a trim one. Overweight dogs have a higher incidence of: Continue reading