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Close to a Miracle – Stop Allergies in Dogs

Dog Allergies can be Frustrating

This natural treatment for a dog with allergies truly works!

There are so many ways that a dog allergy can manifest into something ugly and annoying. They can create terrible itchy skin irritations, bouts of chronic dog diarrhea, asthma and wheezing, stinky ear infections, stomach upset and vomiting, fussy appetites, weepy and goopy eyes, runny noses, enough gas that could light up a house and so many more.

So many of these dogs with allergies are led into a lifetime of drugs and medications, that only mask the dog symptoms and create even more of a nightmare for them. Countless other symptoms in dogs appear from the side effects of these prescribed drugs. That is not my idea of a program for health and longevity for our loving companions who depend on us.

So most of us would be reading label after label to ensure that none of the offending agents could possibly be hiding in their somewhere, but now a days they are making the print so small anything could be missed! Following this elimination diet is very useful but can also be time consuming to narrow it down to what is causing these dog allergies. Later if we re-introduce the food, the inflammatory response could flare up immediately.

There is a way to permanently rid the allergic response in your dog’s body.

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Allergies and Skin Disorders

Our companions can develop symptoms of an allergy or skin disorder at any time in their life. The more compromised their immune system is the greater the chances of something like this happening. Any dog that is genetically weak and fed poor quality food, plus exposed to daily stress, is a prime candidate for an allergy or skin eruption to occur.

The constant scratching or chewing on the skin culd be anything from flea-bite sensitivities, a reaction to vaccinations, or chemicals in the environment or diet. We need to look back at what we fed our dogs or what events happened leading up to the cause. There are many contributing factors that could potentially come into play here.

Many conventional treatments usually encompass antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines or as much as tranquilizers for the cure all. All of these only give temporary relief and in the end can only create a much worse case scenario of liver disease, adrenal disease or kidney failure. There are many side effectsContinue reading