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The Scary Flea – All About Fleas

You Have a Dog with Fleas

What is a flea and how do we take them off of this planet

Undeniably, fleas on a dog equals fleas in your home, fleas in the carpet, fleas in bed and fleas in every other potential hiding place like in your socks, in your pants and many other places! Let’s face it, I don’t know anyone who is friends with fleas. Not even your best friend likes them. So why do fleas hang around and move in where they’re not wanted?

Like the old saying goes, “you can run from them but you can’t hide,” couldn’t be truer. Fleas move from host to host by jumping with their super powerful legs. Fleas can cause our dogs to suffer from hair loss, inflammation and skin infections, and open sores from constant scratching. Some dogs are hyper-sensitive to the flea saliva and it will drive them nuts with gnawing and itching.

How do you know if your dog has fleas? Do the belly rub and look for flea dirt. Not to gross you out, but Continue reading