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Eight Dog Symptoms – A Possible Dog Headache

Dog Symptoms of a Headache Can be Easy to Recognize

Here is what to look for when you are questioning the symptoms in dogs and if it’s a dog headache

You may have asked yourself if your dog was ever suffering from a headache. Well it is a fact that dogs suffer from those head throbbing pains just like their human counterparts. Given that dogs have 20 times more olfactory receptors than we do, they can pick up scents we don’t even know exist, which could lead to allergies in dogs, nasal irritations and ultimately a headache.

Symptoms of dogs with a possible headache can display a variety of behaviours. Knowing what normal behaviour in our dog is will help when we encounter any of the signs. The following could indicate that your beloved dog has either a minor headache or a major head throb: Continue reading

Dog Health – Eight Simple Steps for a Healthy Dog

It is So Simple – Just Follow these Eight Steps

We have a dog that we love with our entire being. There isn’t anything that we don’t possess in our body and mind that can deny that fact. We will do whatever it takes to the end of the earth to make sure they are healthy and happy to their very last day. Yet despite our hardest efforts, our beloved companion is not a healthy dog.

You feed them a high quality food, give them a walk every day and get their regular check-ups at the vet and vaccinate regularly. What could be wrong? They are loved, you give great attention to your healthy dog because that is what you want; a healthy dog! How come they have dog health issues when you are looking after them so well?

One of the simplest tasks to do is to make a check list of everything you do for your dog. When you have created this list look for where holes could be to their well-being. By that I am referring to cracks in the overall picture where things could be better or modified. That can pertain to diet, grooming, exercise, socializing, stimulation, training, and many more. The following is a guideline you can check your dog care up against to see if something can be improved upon. Continue reading

Stress and Behavioural Problems

I think stress in our dogs is very much an overlooked symptom. There are many factors pointing to a stressed out pet and we as humans need to know what those signs are. We surely can recognize them in ourselves, how is it that we don’t see it in our dogs?

Our beloved dog can be stressed from interpersonal relationships within the household. They can be stressed from something as simple as boredom. Not adequate stimulation throughout their days can lead to that. As intelligent dogs they need to be stimulated mentally and physically each day. If there is not enough attention given to them or enough exercise given to them each day, they will suffer from stress.

  • Stress symptoms in dogs can appear as immune system dysfunctions
  • Yeast problems
  • This will impact the adrenal glands and other organs
  • Behavioral issues can arise
  • Weakened animals will have the reduced ability to deal with any further stressful situations very well

 It is important to look beneath the surface symptoms when dealing with stress in your dog. More than likely you will discover the reasons for their stress by observing their behavior. Continue reading