dog paw pads

Are Your Dog Paws Neglected?

Dog Paws and Their Needs

Why the Dogs Paw Needs Attention

 Our dog paws need protection from the elements and from injury just like our feet need protection. Despite them having tougher skin and a fatty cushioning for protection, they endure much wear and tear and are constantly subjected to potential injuries. In addition to this, if their nails are not kept trim, their dog feet will suffer and they could wind up with additional injuries.

When we realize that our dogs paw pads are subjected to many adversities, we will look at them a little more closely. In fact, we need to examine their dog feet everyday. By examining them we are not allowing any foreign object to become deeply embedded should there be something stuck in the webbing between their toes or in the paw pads themselves.

Dog paw injuries can happen from any of the following… Continue reading