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Hydrotherapy for dogs monitoring

We all know that any exercise program needs a warm up session and a cool down session. In the case of dog hydrotherapy it is the same. This can be as simple as the exercise starting out slowly and increasing in intensity  and then slowing again before it ends. For particular conditions, it can be massage, stretching or land-based exercises, during rest breaks or between bouts of exercise.

With the underwater treadmill, the intensity of the exercise is controlled through the depth of the water and the speed at which the dog is walking. With swimming in dog hydrotherapy pools, the intensity is controlled by the number of laps swum before a rest time, the rest time and the use of a bouyancy vest.

The duration of the treatment time is affected by the following:

  • the dog’s prior experience with water
  • anxiety
  • age
  • weight
  • pre-existing conditions
  • recent surgery
  • previous fitness level

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Hydrotherapy types

Dog Pools for canine hydrotherapy come in many forms

Well, brace yourself, there are so many types of hydrotherapy for dogs available than ever imagined! Everyone has different needs and styles, and while some work for others, some just don’t work at all. The type of hydrotherapy program for your dog will be determined by:

  •  the assessment
  •  the findings
  •  the size of the animal
  •  the equipment available
  •  and what your goals are

For very small animals, there are a number of different hydrotherapy methods which can be used. Some will be more effective than others, and some may not really work at all. The following is a list of what these might entail:

  • sink
  • bathtub
  • whirlpool
  • children’s wading pool
  • beach
  • dam
  • lake
  • river
  • above-ground or in-ground human swimming pools
  • purpose-built dog pools
  • underwater treadmills

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Hydrotherapy tails

This is one of the most exciting and real dog posts I will be doing….

Hydrotherapy for dogs is the most exciting innovention since ?? I am sure you will be equally thrilled with the astounding results that this amazing method of treatment  has provided for our canine friends. Hydrotherapy tails is about so many dogs that have had their life turned around from hydrotherapy dog pools. I have witnessed so many of them and their challenging conditions and I am thrilled to see the endless stunning results!

I relish in the thought that another dog owner thinks that hydrotherapy may not help their precious canine as they embark on a program. Time and again, I have seen countless owners stunned at how their companion has gotten so much better and/or recovered fully from their condition. It is one incident after another. What more can I say? Check this out… Continue reading