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Which Dog Food do You Feed?

Is it Raw or is it Cooked?

Perhaps it is something like a little square or heart shaped nugget from a bag?

We all have our feeding preferences! Some like it raw and real and some like it cooked and pleasing to the eye. Whatever the choice is, the most important factor to consider is the nutritional value your beloved dog is getting from it all. Not any one dog food diet is correct for every dog.

Which dog food is right for your dog? Well, myself I do the process of elimination if my dog has health issues. I used to feed kibble diets, then I cooked for my dogs, and finally I evolved into a pure state of RAW! Hmm, what can I say, the health benefits I have seen are so incredible compared to what I used to feed them! My dogs don’t lie and they don’t create dog health problems from stress like us humans do! If they are stressed they chew a toy, a shoe or something else that will get them in trouble. The following are very desirable in their dog food. Continue reading

Raw Bones with Dog Food


 Can Raw Bones be Given with all Dog Foods?

This question has many dog owners puzzled. Let’s shed some light on the answer.

Most people who feed their dogs raw dog food also give their dogs raw bones. People who feed kibble wonder if it is okay to give their dog raw bones with this type of dog food. There is no right or wrong to this, it all comes down to what are you comfortable feeding your dog and is it in the best interest for their health.

Countless people who feed a raw dog food diet swear by the incredible benefits. Their coats are shinier, their eyes are brighter and not goopy, their teeth are whiter and cleaner and not riddled with brown tartar, they have leaner bodies with more muscle and less fat deposits, and listless dogs become more energetic while hyped up dogs are calmer and more content. And that’s only just the beginning!

Whether you feed your canine dog food from a can or a bag, it is perfectly okay to give them fresh raw bones. In fact, by providing them with raw bones is actually doing them a huge favour in more than one way.

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