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Which Dog Food do You Feed?

Is it Raw or is it Cooked?

Perhaps it is something like a little square or heart shaped nugget from a bag?

We all have our feeding preferences! Some like it raw and real and some like it cooked and pleasing to the eye. Whatever the choice is, the most important factor to consider is the nutritional value your beloved dog is getting from it all. Not any one dog food diet is correct for every dog.

Which dog food is right for your dog? Well, myself I do the process of elimination if my dog has health issues. I used to feed kibble diets, then I cooked for my dogs, and finally I evolved into a pure state of RAW! Hmm, what can I say, the health benefits I have seen are so incredible compared to what I used to feed them! My dogs don’t lie and they don’t create dog health problems from stress like us humans do! If they are stressed they chew a toy, a shoe or something else that will get them in trouble. The following are very desirable in their dog food. Continue reading

Which Dog Food?

With all the choices of dog food available, which one is best?

Let’s look at what the dog needs and wants!

There are so many choices of dog food it is enough to make your head spin! They all proclaim to be the best food for dogs but are they really? If we take a closer look at what exactly is in those bags or cans, we might be a little or hugely surprised! I know myself when I started to read labels I became obsessed with what ingredient was in everything I bought for my beloved dog.

From a simple perspective:

  • we have dry kibble (those big bags of pellets that swell grossly huge when water is added or the dog has eaten it and it has come out the other end)
  • we have canned (the food that is more water or liquid of some sort than food and generally leaves a dog feeling still  hungry) 
  • we have home cooked (the wonderful spreads consisting of more nutritional value than the latter two)
  • we lastly we have raw (the incredible raw meat, raw veges, raw bones and fruit or berries)

I have been there and done that with all the canine dog foods I just mentioned here. Many dog foods today have soybean, corn or meat by-products in their list of ingredients. Those are not ingredients you want to feed your dog. They can cause allergies in dogs, or intolerance’s of some kind and they are sub-grade products causing us to do an elimination diet to sort out the offending agent. The other ingredients you don’t want in your dog food is chemicals and preservatives which are usually listed at the end. Our dog doesn’t need exposure to carcinogenic ingredients or some other disease caused by chemicals we can’t even pronounce! Here is what a dog really needs and what they really want

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