how to get rid of worms in a dog

Understand Ugly Dog Worms

Worms in Dogs is Common

Don’t Freak Out – What You Need to Know about Dog Worms

Our dogs can get worms from many different places. Food sources is one of the most common and devouring other animal feces is another potential culprit. Flea infestations and mosquitoes can also bring on a bout of worms in dogs. These intestinal inhabitants are usually one of the following kinds: roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms or whip worms. Heartworms live in  the lungs and heart and ringworms are not really a worm but technically a fungus on the skin. Yuck! Kind of makes your skin crawl.

We all know our dogs lick their paws, their private parts and many other places. They are bound to get something sooner or later. We also have to remember that dogs’ saliva has healing properties and is able to withstand an onslaught of foreign substances. So even if they lick themselves and then go to lick you they are not that dangerous to contaminating our spotless and bacteria free environment that we think we live in!

Whether it’s from food or drinking water that dogs and worms mingle together, it is unavoidable. Somewhere down the road of discovery your dog will meet with the ugly worm! So since they are going meet without even introducing  themselves to each other, you need to understand the different ugly dog worms and where they will decide to launch or hibernate in your dog. You need to know… Continue reading