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Older Dog Mobility Issues

Old dogs may have trouble getting around

Different walking aids and carts have liberated the lives of many old dogs

One day your dog will be old and possibly grey like the rest of us or heaven forbid, bald! Somehow bald looks better on people than it does on our dogs. With the exception of the hairless breeds of course. Whatever the situation, as dogs age they may become mobility challenged. The great news is that there are so many different tools available to help them function and get around, giving them the freedom of mobility and a return of their dignity.

In past years an older dog would have been put to sleep if it started to experience difficulty getting around. Today they are fitted with dog carts or dog wheelchairs and there are slings for helping the rear end. There are a number of companies who manufacture these products and custom fit them to your older dog. Some of these wonderful inventions can help avoid costly vet bills and I’ll explain how. Continue reading

Why Your Older Dog Snores

 Here are many reasons why they snore and why not to worry

We just settle into our comfortable bed and turn the lights out and are grateful at the peacefulness and quiet of the night after a long hard day. We have our faithful and loving companions sleeping quietly beside us on their beds or in our beds, and then just as we slowly drift off to never land, the earth shatters with a loud grunting, heaving, rumble! Our darling dog is snoring so loudly a train could have rumbled through the house!

Why do they snore? Old dogs are prone to snoring for a number of reasons. The following could play a role: Continue reading

Older Dog Advice

 Listen to What They are Saying

Your Older Dog and You

Acknowledge the deep spiritual connection you have with your dog. Look for ways to strengthen and deepen those connections. Our pets and all animals feel the same emotions of pain, fear, love and sadness that we feel. When we are aware we are more in tune and connected to them. These levels of communication with them we can all share.

Older dogs are very wise and connected to their caregivers. They may have health issues unfolding and need extra care, but they are very tuned in to their guardians. If we allow ourselves to slow down and be in a calmer state of mind, we are more receptive to live in the present moment. This lends itself to greater feelings of peacefulness and contentment, creating a more harmonious inner core and place from which to care for our older dog.

Many old dogs communicate to us and we are so busy in our day to day life we forget to listen to them and truly hear what they are trying to say.

Here is some advice once given to me by a kindred spirit: Continue reading