pre acl surgery

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are so important prior to surgery and including after surgery. Stretching your dog helps with a number of conditions including the following:

  • improving motion in the joints prior to surgery and after surgery
  • increasing the flexibility
  • preventing adhesions between soft tissues and bones
  • improving muscle and other soft tissue extensibility which prevents further injury to joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments Continue reading

Pre – ACL Surgery

One very beneficial therapeutic treatment we can do for our dog while awaiting surgery is provide a chondroprotective. Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan by injection and an oral glucosamine and chondroitinsulfate is very helpful before surgery but should be stopped 24 hours prior to surgery.

Getting your dog used to a hydrotherapy pool or a hydrotherapy treadmill is highly recommended. By getting them used to it before surgery they will not injure themselves getting aquainted to it after surgery. If there is access to a land based treadmill that is also helpful.

Most dogs have had a rupture of the ligament well before the diagnosis. Most osteoarthritis is already in progress by the time the vet diagnoses it. Any weight-bearing exercise on an unstable stifle will only accelerate the progression of the arthritis. Continue reading