Torn Cruciate

Torn Cruciate Exercises

The importance of certain exercises can not be stressed enough. It is imperative that we do not overdo it. It is so easy to undo what the specialist has just spent hours fixing! The hardship on your pet is not worth it!

The main goal at the early stage after surgery is controlling  swelling and limiting muscle atrophy. Pain control is also important and you may be needing to use some medication that the doctor has provided. Torn cruciate exercises are very gentle and non-taxing on your dog. They primarily involve:  

  • stretching of the limbs
  • slow assisted walking on leash, on level ground.

If your dog is undertaking the conservative approach to their torn cruciate, they need to follow a program similar to one that has just had surgery. It is very important that a dog is not overworked in this recovery stage. In Chapter four of my ebook I get into much detail about the protocol of torn cruciate exercises and what is best for a 100 lb dog or a 10 lb dog. Continue reading

Post ACL Surgery

One of the most important post ACL surgery rehabilitative treatments that people need to be aware of is how crucial it is to confine their dog. As hard as it may be, your dog needs to be confined to an X-pen and not be allowed to jump up or play and run loose in the house.

Your beloved pet will be uncomfortable and not the happiest camper. Some of the things you can do to help them is entertain their mind instead of their body. There are games you can play with them that teaches them to use their muscles in their brains and not their muscles in their bodies.

You can play soft relaxing music to ease their anxiety. Their is all sorts of music designed with dogs in mind. You will need to use a cone on their head if they tend to lick the incision constantly. They hate it, we hate it, it is only temporary and in their best interest. Rubbing Traumeel Gel on their leg will help with healing and any pain. Be careful to avoid the incision area itself.

Your dog will need assistance in going outside to defecate or urinate. A towel sling under their belly will help greatly since they will not be able to squat very well. You will become a very important caregiver to your dog. They will look to you for comfort and company and the bond between you will only grow. Continue reading