torn cruciate exercises

Pre – ACL Surgery

One very beneficial therapeutic treatment we can do for our dog while awaiting surgery is provide a chondroprotective. Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan by injection and an oral glucosamine and chondroitinsulfate is very helpful before surgery but should be stopped 24 hours prior to surgery.

Getting your dog used to a hydrotherapy pool or a hydrotherapy treadmill is highly recommended. By getting them used to it before surgery they will not injure themselves getting aquainted to it after surgery. If there is access to a land based treadmill that is also helpful.

Most dogs have had a rupture of the ligament well before the diagnosis. Most osteoarthritis is already in progress by the time the vet diagnoses it. Any weight-bearing exercise on an unstable stifle will only accelerate the progression of the arthritis. Continue reading

Torn Cruciate Exercises

The importance of certain exercises can not be stressed enough. It is imperative that we do not overdo it. It is so easy to undo what the specialist has just spent hours fixing! The hardship on your pet is not worth it!

The main goal at the early stage after surgery is controlling  swelling and limiting muscle atrophy. Pain control is also important and you may be needing to use some medication that the doctor has provided. Torn cruciate exercises are very gentle and non-taxing on your dog. They primarily involve:  

  • stretching of the limbs
  • slow assisted walking on leash, on level ground.

If your dog is undertaking the conservative approach to their torn cruciate, they need to follow a program similar to one that has just had surgery. It is very important that a dog is not overworked in this recovery stage. In Chapter four of my ebook I get into much detail about the protocol of torn cruciate exercises and what is best for a 100 lb dog or a 10 lb dog. Continue reading