The Scary Flea – All About Fleas

You Have a Dog with Fleas

What is a flea and how do we take them off of this planet

Undeniably, fleas on a dog equals fleas in your home, fleas in the carpet, fleas in bed and fleas in every other potential hiding place like in your socks, in your pants and many other places! Let’s face it, I don’t know anyone who is friends with fleas. Not even your best friend likes them. So why do fleas hang around and move in where they’re not wanted?

Like the old saying goes, “you can run from them but you can’t hide,” couldn’t be truer. Fleas move from host to host by jumping with their super powerful legs. Fleas can cause our dogs to suffer from hair loss, inflammation and skin infections, and open sores from constant scratching. Some dogs are hyper-sensitive to the flea saliva and it will drive them nuts with gnawing and itching.

How do you know if your dog has fleas? Do the belly rub and look for flea dirt. Not to gross you out, but

flea dirt is actually excretment from fleas that is dried blood. Yuck! Check armpits and bellies and other spots that are a little more visible to determine if your dog has fleas.

Fleas go through 4 stages in their life cycle:

  • the egg
  • larvae 
  • pupa
  • and adult

In the best living environment, a flea can perform this whole cycle in 14 days. They will be in the cracks of your floors, under carpet, and in any place you can think of! Flea bites are horrible and they jump from host to host with those super charged legs, filling their appetites by consuming our blood! If that isn’t bad enough, they then jump off when we try to get them!

How to get rid of them? We can try freezing them, squishing them, putting lamps and soap dishes in our rooms, stomping on them, drowning them, beating them…it is not that effective. The horrible truth is, for every one flea in your room, there is another 100 more! Ugh! I am allergic to these tormenting little crawlies and will not entertain even one in my presence. I have been biten to unrecognizable states (well, maybe not that bad, but it sure felt like it), and you have to take control of the situation fast.

There is a whole array of products from topicals, flea collars, sprays, powders, spot treatments and more. Unfortunately, these will not remove fleas from this planet! The bad news is, fleas are here forever! They can however, be prevented from taking hold of your life and your home and your car and your dogs and everything else in between.

The whole home needs to be vacuumed, bedding washed, regularly every few days when the larva begin hatching. Feed your dog garlic or enjivita yeast as a preventative so fleas won’t like your dog as a host. Give them 10 mg zinc a day, another deterrent. Putting a few drops of lavender oil at the base of the dog’s tail and on their neck is  another method. When you wash your dog use a Roesmary Rinse. Plant pennyroyal outside the doors to your home.

Whatever method you choose, getting rid of fleas is a monumental task. I offer lots of tips and methods in my e-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs,” and my bonus e-book,” Solutions for Incredible Health and Longevity for Your Dog.” I provide numerous answers to health issues around allergic reactions to fleas and how to help control them. A healthy dog with a good immune system has a much stronger chance at dealing with fleas should they ever get them.

Ever dealt with flea bites or a dog with fleas? Share your experience and let us know what you did


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