Torn Cruciate Exercises

The importance of certain exercises can not be stressed enough. It is imperative that we do not overdo it. It is so easy to undo what the specialist has just spent hours fixing! The hardship on your pet is not worth it!

The main goal at the early stage after surgery is controlling  swelling and limiting muscle atrophy. Pain control is also important and you may be needing to use some medication that the doctor has provided. Torn cruciate exercises are very gentle and non-taxing on your dog. They primarily involve:  

  • stretching of the limbs
  • slow assisted walking on leash, on level ground.

If your dog is undertaking the conservative approach to their torn cruciate, they need to follow a program similar to one that has just had surgery. It is very important that a dog is not overworked in this recovery stage. In Chapter four of my ebook I get into much detail about the protocol of torn cruciate exercises and what is best for a 100 lb dog or a 10 lb dog.

Canine cruciate exercises are specific to each individual dog, but a general protocol is usually adhered to. Each dog will respond slightly differently to what is happening in their bodies. Depending on the shape the dog was in prior to surgery will also become a determining factor.

The procedures will range from canine pool hydrotherapy to hydrotherapy treadmills to ground treadmills. There is an array of methods to utilize and the object is to be very careful and diligent in your regime.Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

The exercises that are performed prior to surgery and after surgery will play a significant role in the outcome of the dog. Torn cruciate exercises are so important to follow and I cannot stress this enough. Your companion dog is depending on you to rehabilitate them back to health.

Has your dog had a torn cruciate? Share your comments below!

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