What is Dog Therapy?

Dog therapy is an incredible gift from them to us.

We all receive therapy from our dogs, but a therapy dog who has a job is priceless!

Our loving dogs are the best therapy for us at the end of a hard day. They are always happy to see us and can’t wait to lavish us in loving kisses and follow us around to the end of the earth! They don’t care what we look like, feel like, or act like, they just love us no matter what! What a wonderful presence to arrive home to.

These incredible creatures are so gifted that they have jobs as Therapy Dogs. This is different than a Service Dog, which would be like a search and rescue dog, a cadaver dog, a police dog, a narcotics dog, and a bomb dog. All these jobs are equally important and highly skilled, they are just different.

Therapy dogs visit hospitals, schools, nursing homes, libraries, detention centers, rehab centers and all the places where the people residing there benefit from interacting with dogs as therapy. They accept petting, brushing and attention from people. Some dog therapy involves doing tricks or obedience routines for the residents. Children read books to them which helps them with confidence and reading abilities.

Dogs for therapy need to be:

  • calm around loud noises, different medical equipment sounds
  • relaxed around distractions and other dogs when encountered
  • need to be accepting of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, oxygen tanks on wheels and other equipment
  • therapy dogs need to allow strange people to pet them and enjoy interacting with people of all walks
  • a therapy dog needs to listen to their handler

Therapy with dogs includes dogs of all breeds. If the temperment is great and the manners are there, and the dog is at least one year old, the dog can possibly do therapy work. Hybrids of wolves or coyotes are not permitted for liability reasons involving insurance.

Many peoples lives have been touched by therapy dogs. As important as it is to have dogs as therapy, it is equally important to make sure we provide therapy for dogs.Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs If our dog has an injury or is dealing with an illness, we need to be there for them and provide the therapy for them that will help their situation. In my e-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs,” I talk about countless ways that we can help our dogs with cancer, knee surgeries, arthritis and so much more. In Chapter two I talk about all the Holistic methods that are available to us today and how there are more natural and safe methods than just giving our dog a pill for a quick fix.

If our dog therapy has touched and  helped hundreds of people by providing comfort to them or reduced  levels of pain, lowered blood pressure and given laughter, or communicated love, then we owe it to them.

So whether our dogs are Registered Therapy Dogs or not, they are providing therapy to everyone they come in contact with in their lifetime. We truly need to embrace how special and gifted these four legged furry friends are in our world! I know I couldn’t imagine a life without mine!

What kind of therapy do you get from your dog? Share your comments below!

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