Which Dog Food?

With all the choices of dog food available, which one is best?

Let’s look at what the dog needs and wants!

There are so many choices of dog food it is enough to make your head spin! They all proclaim to be the best food for dogs but are they really? If we take a closer look at what exactly is in those bags or cans, we might be a little or hugely surprised! I know myself when I started to read labels I became obsessed with what ingredient was in everything I bought for my beloved dog.

From a simple perspective:

  • we have dry kibble (those big bags of pellets that swell grossly huge when water is added or the dog has eaten it and it has come out the other end)
  • we have canned (the food that is more water or liquid of some sort than food and generally leaves a dog feeling still  hungry) 
  • we have home cooked (the wonderful spreads consisting of more nutritional value than the latter two)
  • we lastly we have raw (the incredible raw meat, raw veges, raw bones and fruit or berries)

I have been there and done that with all the canine dog foods I just mentioned here. Many dog foods today have soybean, corn or meat by-products in their list of ingredients. Those are not ingredients you want to feed your dog. They can cause allergies in dogs, or intolerance’s of some kind and they are sub-grade products causing us to do an elimination diet to sort out the offending agent. The other ingredients you don’t want in your dog food is chemicals and preservatives which are usually listed at the end. Our dog doesn’t need exposure to carcinogenic ingredients or some other disease caused by chemicals we can’t even pronounce! Here is what a dog really needs and what they really want

For the most part food for dogs that is optimum for their health and longevity provides the right amount of nutrients and calories required by them for the age  they are at and the condition they are in. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates (carbs are debatable as many feel they are not needed)are needed for energy and building muscle mass and healing from injuries. Dogs like puppies, pregnant dogs, older dogs, rehabilitating dogs, working dogs or sporting dogs all require dog foods that are different. They all do require one ingredient that is the same and that is good nutrition.

Now, which dog food your dog would like to have is up for debate. Most dogs will eat anything. Put it in front of them when they’re hungry and they will either inhale it or savour it. Most have the wolf come out in them! If you gave a dog the choice of a bowl of kibble in one corner or a bowl of raw chicken and veges in the other, I bet which dog food they would run to would be the raw food.

Download the Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs

I know from my own dogs that a bowl of smelly tripe is outrageously appealing compared to a bowl of dry nuggets made from a potpourri of ingredients that came out of a bag. In my e-book, “The Ultimate Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Guide for Dogs” I talk about the different dog foods I had my dogs on. I explain what I changed and what I added when it had to be for rehabilitation and healing for the joints and soft tissues from injury or surgery.

Now I know that if a dog had it their way, they would probably want more meatballs than spaghetti, and they would probably eat green stinky tripe over canned or kibble any day! So check out which canine dog food you are feeding your dog. If there are names on the list you can’t pronounce they probably shouldn’t be in there! We need to consider what we are putting into their bodies just like our own.

There are many reasons to feed a raw and nutritious dog food to our pets. A big reason is for the digestive enzymes and natural nutrition. It goes back to their natural way of survival. Some people swear by a cooked dog food diet, adding various supplements to it. Whatever the case is, look deep into your dog’s eyes and ask them which they think is better! You may be surprised at what you will hear!

What do you feed your dog and how is their health? Share your comments below!

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